“These memories had so long been folded neatly in some drawer at the back of my mind. Now, as I unfolded them, held them up, aired them to the breeze of my words, I was so aware of their tone and smell, their colours and sounds and feelings. It was amazing to me that I could close my eyes, close my eyes and almost reach out and touch these things. There were that real.

I wondered what would happen to these memories when I was dead.”

Candlemoth by Roger Jon Ellory | Source: P267 of Candlemoth | Comment | Quotes

“I thought how the moon would be shining on the husk that was now Aurelia. How its light would find the withered rose garden, the dead corn fields, the empty homes…

Its inhabitants are now scattered but I can still feel the pull of the farm, like an invisible cord routed around my navel. Whenever I feel like I am beginning to forget, it tugs ever so gently making me wince with nostalgia. It is a constant throbbing ache, a wond that weeps beneath the hasty bandages I have pulled over it. It is a fight that will stay with me my whole life, but it is also one I know I will never win. By now, having lived with it for so long, I am scared of what I would do without it.”


The Legacy of Eden – p.197 | Source: The Legacy of Eden by Nelle Davy | Comment | Quotes