50 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

With December fast approaching you’ve probably started asking various family members what they would like to receive for Christmas. If your mom is anything like mine then I bet the response was: “I don’t know, I don’t really need anything”.

When you get the same answer from your wife or girlfriend and even your grandma, holiday shopping suddenly becomes very daunting…

But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas gifts for women for 2012 to help you out.

If you’re the crafty type then we’ve linked up some wonderful tutorials to help you make handmade gifts for your favourite ladies, and if you’d prefer to just order something ready-made from the store then we’ve got you covered there too!

Keep reading and we hope you’ll find the answers to your Christmas gift problems…

Christmas gift ideas for those who love sewing

Sewing Machine Cozy - Tutorial

1. A sewing machine cozy (Tutorial) – who wouldn’t love to unwrap a beautiful cozy like this on Christmas morning? And every time they get their machine out they will think of you and be inspired by your creativity. Suzanne from Notes from the Patch will take you through this one step-by-step. If you’ve not got time to make one check this out instead.

Pin cushion organiser

2. A pincushion organiser (Tutorial) – My mom is forever losing her pins and needles while crafting and if yours is the same then this organiser which can be used with a machine or cleverly sits on the arm of the chair is the perfect gift idea. Elizabeth’s tutorial is easy to follow and if you used matching fabric this gift would be the perfect partner to the sewing machine cozy! Not feeling crafty? You could always buy one of these instead.

3. A self healing cutting mat – These really are a crafter’s best friend – and protect the table or counter top from scratches! They come in a variety of sizes but I think the bigger the better.

4. A rotary cutter – Combine a rotary cutter with a self-healing mat and your favourite crafter will wonder how they ever coped with a pair of scissors!

5. A sewing machine – for the ultimate gift to put under the Christmas tree why not treat your wife or mother to a new sewing machine? Amazon currently has the popular Brother CS6000i Sew Advance Sew Affordable machine for sale at an amazing price (I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw it). It ships with a whole host of accessories too so it has pretty much any crafter could want.

Christmas gift ideas for knitters

Knitting basket

6.  A knitting task basket (Tutorial) – With a knitting project on the go they’ll need somewhere to store the yarn, needles, scissors etc and this task basket is the perfect solution. If you’re out of time or not very crafty then this is a great alternative.

Yarn stash storage

7. Yarn stash storage baskets (Tutorial) – These adorable stash baskets are so easy to make thanks to the Purl Bee tutorial, and they are perfect for keeping that ever growing yarn stash in check. Or if you’d rather buy them – check these out.

8. Knitting Accessories – For the novice knitter this accessories set makes a wonderful stocking stuffer, inside the little pouch is a tape measure, needle gage, stitch markers, needle tip protectors and a darning needle.

9. Knitting board – If your grandma has been forced to put down her knitting needles due to arthritis this knitting board set could be the perfect Christmas gift for her. It comes with enough yarn to knit a scarf and a DVD which teaches you how to use the board, a brilliant way to knit without using the fiddly needles.

10. Circular knitting needles set – circular needles are a must for anyone wanting to knit anything larger than a scarf and this wonderful set includes no less than 12 needle sizes so it has every project covered. It comes with a leather-type case which is perfect for keeping all of the needles and cables safely tucked away.

Christmas gift ideas for movie lovers

If your mom or sister loves to while away a few hours with a movie then why not put together a gift basket for her? Here are some things you could include:

A knitted blanket

11. A knitted blanket (Pattern) –  a blanket will help her stay warm and cozy. If you can’t knit fast enough to be ready in time for Christmas then try this instead.

12. A handful of DVDs or Blu-rays - include her favourite movies or some of the latest releases.

13. Some tasty candy, snacks and popcorn - to munch on while she enjoys the movies.

14. A box of tissues – if she likes to watch weepy movies!

15. A 3D blu-ray player – for less than $100 this 3D blu-ray player from Sony would make the perfect partner for that gift basket!

Christmas gift ideas for music lovers

iPod case tutorial

16. An iPod case (Tutorial) – This wonderful tutorial from Erin shows you how to make a cute iPod/iPhone case so that they can listen to music on the move. Or you could order one of these.

Headphone case tutorial

17. Headphone case (Tutorial) – Grab some co-ordinating fabric and Erin will also show you how to make this cute headphone case, which is the perfect gift if your wife or sister is always complaining that their earbud wires get tangled up in their purse. Or you could buy one of these instead.

18. A handful of CDs - check out the new releases and bestsellers of 2012 for a great stocking stuffer.

19. An Amazon gift card – if the lady in your life prefers MP3s to CDs then an Amazon gift card is the perfect choice so she can choose her own tracks to download.

20. A new iPod - thinner, faster and more colourful than ever, there is an iPod to suit everyone and it would be the perfect gift for a music lover to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Christmas gift ideas for paper crafters

21. Tote Bag (Tutorial) – for ladies who love to paper craft or scrap book a tote bag is a really useful accessory, especially one with pockets for keeping various tools to hand. This tutorial from Nancy at My Cotton Creations will help you make the perfect gift for paper crafters. Or you could order one of these instead.

Hanging Storage Baskets Tutorial

22. Hanging Storage Baskets (Tutorial) – Ok so in this picture the storage baskets are being used for toys, but they would also be perfect for storing all those tools, accessories and bits of paper that paper crafters need to have to hand when they’re being creative. No time to get crafty? Try these instead.

23. A pair of fringe scissors – These scissors from Martha Stewart are great for adding a fringe border to scrapbook pages or cards, and they make great confetti too!

24. Circle Cutter – No need for compasses and trying to cut circles with scissors, this Circle Cutter makes cutting perfect circles a breeze and will be loved by any paper crafter. It’s easy to use and can cut circles from 4 to 12 inches in diameter, and at less than $20 it’s a perfect stocking stuffer.

25. Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter – for the ultimate in under the tree gifts for the paper cutter in your life you cannot go wrong with this Cricut machine. No need for a computer, just tell it what shape you want it to cut, insert the paper and off you go – precision cutting every time.

Christmas gift ideas for book lovers

Library Book Tote Bag Tutorial

26. Library Book Tote Bag (Tutorial) – For book lovers who also love the library this tote bag is the perfect gift, it’s roomy enough for a good stash of books of all sizes, and there is even a space on the front to keep their library card safe and sound between visits! Or if you’re out of time you could order this one instead.

Kindle Case

27. Kindle Case (Tutorial) – If your book lover has a Kindle then why not take some time to make a one of a kind case to keep that precious gadget safe from scrapes and scratches? April’s easy to follow tutorial will help you produce a professional looking case that will be perfect in a stocking. Or you could buy one of these if you’re out of time or not feeling creative.

28. Clip on book light – For book lovers who love to read in bed, or on public transport a clip on book light makes the perfect stocking stuffer gift.

29. Audible Membership - for audio book fans why not treat them to a membership to Audible so they can download the latest audio books.

30. A Kindle – if they don’t have one already then a Kindle is the perfect under-the-tree gift to really impress this Christmas. Whether you go for the Kindle Fire HD or the new Kindle Paperwhite there is a Kindle for pretty much everyone’s tastes these days.

Christmas gift ideas for gardeners

Gardener's Apron

31. Gardening Apron (Tutorial) – If your mother or grandma is a keen gardener then they will love this apron with great pockets for carrying around their various tools while they’re out in the garden. Or if you don’t have the time to make one order this one instead.

Garden Tidy Tote Tutorial

32. Garden Tidy Tote (Tutorial) – Ros has a simple to follow tutorial for this wonderful garden tidy tote, perfect for carrying new plants an all the tools needed to put them in their new home in the garden. No time to make one? Buy this one instead.

33. Garden Hopper Mobile Garden Stool and Storage – If sore knees are making gardening less enjoyable then this brilliant little stool will put a smile on your loved ones face this Christmas. They can sit on the stool and move it along thanks to the wheels – and inside there is space for keeping tools ready and available.

34. Wells Lamont Women’s Garden Gloves – Good quality gardening gloves are hard to come by, but these top rated ones really fit the bill, and you get 6 pairs in the box for less than 30 bucks so they make brilliant stocking stuffers!

35. Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System – For the ultimate under-the-tree gift why not treat your wife or mother to their very own Hydrofarm? It’s perfect for anyone who wants to grow their own plants or vegetables from seedlings.

Christmas gift ideas for health and beauty fans

Spa Towel Wrap

36. Spa Towel Wrap (tutorial) – if your sister loves to pamper herself then this spa towel wrap will be a perfect Christmas gift. Whip one up using a towel, some fabric and this easy-to-follow tutorial – or if you don’t have time order this one instead.

Portable Manicure Pedicure Set

37. Portable Manicure & Pedicure Kit (Tutorial) – This portable kit would make the perfect gift for your mother or your sister, especially if you fill it with beautiful nail polishes for them to use straight away. If you don’t have time to make one you could order this one instead.

38. Cosmetic Brush Set – This set of 12 quality make up brushes would make the perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty conscious woman.

39. Ceramic Curling Wand – if the lady in your life yearns for curls in her hair she will love this Christmas gift. It comes with heat protective gloves to spare them from burns and results in shiny springy curls that last all day.

40. Mac Urban Decay Cosmetic Palette – If your girl loves cosmetics but you don’t know which products or colours are best to buy then you can’t go wrong with this set from Mac. It’s one of the most wished for items on Amazon right now and it comes with rave reviews.

Christmas gift ideas for women who love to cook or bake

Apron tutorial

41. Apron (Tutorial) – anyone who spends time in the kitchen needs an apron and this super cute design from Jess at Craftiness is not Optional will go down well with sisters, girlfriends and mothers alike. If you don’t have time to make one then try this instead.

Piped Pot Holders Tutorial

42. Piped Pot Holders (Tutorial) – These brilliant little pot holders are so easy to make you might want to make a set in different sizes and co-ordinating fabrics. If you don’t have the time then try these instead.

43. Non-stick Bakeware set – if you love your Grandma’s cakes and muffins why not treat her to a new set of bakeware this Christmas?

44. Collapsable cake carrier – This is the perfect gift for the woman who loves to share her basked goodies with friends, family and neighbours – no more squashed cakes!

45. KitchenAid Stand Mixer – the ultimate under-the-tree gift for any baker has to be the much coveted KitchenAid Stand Mixer – treat her to one of these and you’ll be in the good books for the whole of next year (and maybe the one after!)

Christmas gift ideas for budding photographers

Camera Case Tutorial

46. Camera Case/Cozy (Tutorial) – This adorable camera case will make the perfect stocking stuffer and will keep small cameras and sound. If you don’t have time to make one then this is a good alternative.

Lens case tutorial

47. Lens case (Tutorial) – lenses need protecting too and this tutorial is so easy to follow you’ll be able to make them in different sizes so all of her DSLR lenses are safe and sound. No time to get crafty? Check these cases out instead.

48. Memory Cards – a woman can never have too many memory cards for her camera, and they are so cheap these days that they make perfect stocking stuffers for photographers – just make sure you check which make and model fits her camera.

49. Kodak EasyShare Sport – this compact point and shoot makes the perfect Christmas gift for a wife or mother who just wants a small camera to carry in her purse and capture those images that make up everyday life.

50. Canon EOS Rebel – There’s a reason this is the most wished for DSLR on Amazon right now, the Canon Rebel is a fantastic camera and one that will last for years to come. If your wife is ready to get serious about her photography she will love to find one of these under the tree on Christmas morning (and she’ll love you for it too!)


And there you have it – 50 great Christmas gift ideas for the women in your life. Hopefully you’ll find just what you’re looking for in this list – and if you have found it useful why not hit one of those little buttons there and share it with your friends :)